Our Process

Come Meet Us

The first step in making your dream home a reality is coming to visit with us. Meeting a contractor that complements your personality and desires is crucial. Building is a long term relationship between owner and contractor.

Select a Home Site

Once our team has aided you in familiarizing yourself with our product and process, it's time to select a home site to begin your journey. You can choose to build on a lot that you already own or have one of our team members drive you around the area to find the perfect spot. We will provide you with a free estimate of the cost to prepare your lot for construction.

Design a Plan

After a home site has been selected, we will lead you in the direction that best fits your needs in order to select an architect/engineer or previously drafted home plan.

Review Pricing

Pricing begins during the design process. Working with a contractor during the architectural review process can help eliminate cost overruns before you spend unwanted funds designing a project that is out of your budget. Once the drawings are completed, it is time for our teams to crunch the budget so you can decide the next move. We provide multiple cost options for each construction activity associated with your build. Depending on the detail of design, our team can devise a contract based on a cost plus a fee basis, lump sum basis or a hybrid combination of both.


Now that you have come this far, you are in the position to make a decision if building with M Squared Construction is the right choice for you. If the answer is yes, an owner/contractor agreement will be prepared for you to sign.


Once the plans come back from engineering, and the architect has reviewed and over-laid the structural impacts (red-lines), they will be sent to the city for permitting.

Pre-Construction Meeting

While awaiting the permitting process, you will be introduced to everyone on our team. Rest assured that you will be able to contact your onsite project manager or owner of the company at any time. The purpose of this meeting is to make sure everyone involved is on the same page before construction begins.

Selection Process

At the Pre-Construction Meeting you will also be given information on the step-by-step materials selection process. We will provide you with a specification booklet to assist in making material selections and this will also serve as the sign-off sheet for ordering those materials. This ensures that everyone has approved the correct products for installation.

"Ground-breaking" of your new home

It’s time for our crews to begin construction on your dream home. We will walk with you every step of the way along with answering any questions you may have.

Milestone Meetings

Throughout the construction process, you will have several meetings onsite with your Construction Manager that marks the beginning of different stages of construction: frame, electrical, low voltage, brick design, interior trim package, cabinets, landscape design, pre-walk and final walkthroughs. Every week without fail you will receive an updated construction master schedule along with a three week look-ahead schedule. If you are not able to be in the area constantly, these schedules along with weekly progress photos will help you visualize the progress of your dream

We Hand You the Keys!

Upon receiving the Certificate of Occupancy and closing, we will meet you at your new home to walk you through and hand you the keys. Our crews will be scheduled to assist with the training of all systems installed so you can learn from the professionals, and not have to page through endless manuals.