Keystone Ranch

I own a commercial real estate investment and management firm. I used M Squared Construction to renovate a 5000 sf home at a major ski resort. This challenging renovation included replacing the skin of a 30 year old home + everything indoors was replaced or altered in one way or another. What should have been a nightmare was a smooth and methodical process without needless delays and the project came in on budget. Furthermore, M Squared's budget was well below my expectations, mountain location notwithstanding. After the completion of the renovation M Squared remained responsive well beyond the call of duty. As an owner of many second homes and projects, Max should be cloned.

I own operating businesses in consumer products, investing and start-ups (three currently). What a relief to find a business person who picks up the phone every time I call! Max is that rare general contractor who will always be on the other end of the line. Furthermore, when I call Max I do not feel intrusive or taken advantage of in any way. I enjoy calling him because he will take care of my problem and often ‘included in the price.’ I can remember a number of cases where Max was GC and friend. On one occasion my wife was in newly renovated house and startled by a worrisome sound. Fearing an intruder Susan ran away from the house and called me from a neighbor’s house. What could I do? I called Max sheepishly for help. Promptly Max showed up armed and ready. I am excited to see what can Max bring to the Bozeman market.

I have been a heart doctor for 40 years. I have dealt with people whose character run the spectrum. Max is a kind, thoughtful, responsible and helpful man. If I need another project, residential or commercial, where he works, he will build it. And lastly, he knows what he is doing.

Above all, I am happy to write this reference letter because it is effortless.

- Ron L. MD

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