Village Point

M Squared Construction served as general contractor for a remodel of much of our 2100 sq. ft. townhome, in fall 2013. Max Millen, the owner, was recommended by acquaintances, other construction professionals, and his previous clients. They did total bathroom renovation, ceiling and wall reconfiguration, extensive tiling (porcelain and slate), base and case moldings, painting, carpeting, and a range of other tasks.

The quality of work was excellent. We saw no flaws, rough edges, or cut corners. M Squared hired superb craftsmen, made sure they did the best possible job, and finished on time. The initial budget was carefully detailed and explained, and M Squared  kept costs down by eliminating unnecessary items. We increased the scope of work during the remodel, but he held down the costs as much as possible.

Our interaction with M Squared was pleasant and efficient. Max does a good job of discussing issues, costs, and possible difficulties and changes. Our ideas of what to include were not always clear or appropriate, but Max quietly nudged us toward improvements that turned out to be important and desirable. His training and experience were extremely helpful. As we were not in town during the work, Max stayed in touch when necessary, and nothing significant was done that we weren’t able to participate in.

 Space is limited in our townhome complex, and Max planned the work so that other residents would not be inconvenienced, especially during the demolition.

- Will & Patricia A.

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